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Syros best beaches

Best 10 Beaches in Syros

Most beaches on Syros are well served with changing cubicles and outdoor showers, shaded umbrellas and recliners. The beaches are also well kept with excellent facilities for children. So how do you choose which is the best beach on Syros for you? Well, it depends on what you want. So read ahead and choose.

The beautiful neoclassical building of the Town Hall in Syros. Cycladic Architecture.

The Unique Cycladic Architecture of Syros

The island of Syros is the main hub for the Cycladic islands for good reason. It was known as the crossroads for international commerce linking West and East Europe by sea. The island had the advantage of being settled originally by Venetians, before incorporating with Greece in 1829. Gradually more Greeks settled[…]

Baby girl playing in the nature.

Rewild the Child

Nature escapes for city dwellers on Syros island For some time we have all grown increasingly used to a sedentary lifestyle. We’ve replaced the real world with images on screens and we lost touch with nature.  Many children no longer even play outside. For example, ask a child today what[…]

It’s Spring! Wild flower season on Syros

If you love birds and spring flowers, March, April and May on Syros are bliss. The weather has reached that stage where the air temperature is the same as your skin, so you can barely feel the wind. The sky is a cobalt blue, and the air is full of[…]

Why Greece has the Best Vacation Spots for Seniors. Picture of couple of over 60s during their holidays on Syros.

Why Greece Has the Best Vacation Spots for Seniors

As an older traveller, what you want for your holiday is completely different than what you wanted in your 20s. There are plenty of great vacation spots for seniors in Greece, but the Greek islands will give you the best holiday. Here is why. You want to relax on a Greek island without[…]

Birding Greece. Beautiful blue sky.

My Birding Adventure in Greece

April is the best time to see migratory birds on the Greek islands. My first birding adventure in Syros, Greece, was full of Hoopoes, Eleonora’s Falcons, Bonelli’s Eagles, Sicilian Warblers, WoodLarks and a Cuckoo. Now I’m busy planning my second!

Swim vacation on Syros island in Greece.

Swim Vacation on Syros
(Story from our Guest)

I thought swimming was either just splashing around alone, or some sort of programmed swim in a group, where you have to train in advance. Coming from Western Australia, there are a lot of famous swims, like the Rottnest Channel Swim in February, or the various Sydney and Melbourne sponsored swims. None of[…]

Food waste. Bin.

How Much Food Do You Waste?

Worldwide, at least one-third of all food produced is squandered every year. With an extra two billion mouths to feed by 2050, global food waste is an escalating issue that is difficult to ignore. And waste from hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and airports – the haunts of the global travel community – are[…]

What to do in Syros this summer - Beautiful Ermoupoli, capital of Syros

What To Do In Syros This Summer

If you have chosen Syros for your next holiday, you may be wondering what to do while you’re there. Syros is a stunning and tranquil Cycladic island with a unique culture. It’s perfect for all ages and groups. Here are 8 ways it will bewitch you this summer.

What is Eco–Tourism?

What do you want from your holiday? To relax, have fun, see something new? Maybe even see something amazing, like Everest, or glamorous like Santorini, or pristine and remote like the Great Barrier Reef. Nowadays, when we are so much more aware of global warming, the damaging impact of tourism cannot be ignored.[…]

Aristotle’s ‘Good Life’ Precedes Modern Science

During one week in 1946 British Scientists recorded every birth in England and followed those people, as far as possible, until 2016. It is the single largest and longest study of happiness, health and social circumstances every undertaken. Known as the Birth Cohort Studies, the results have shaped how we think about every aspect[…]

Image showing the view over The Good Life Greece vineyard where visitors can spend their holidays picking grapes.

The View From My Greek Island Door

Every morning, when I wake up I go to the kitchen door, open the upper half and spend a few moments looking. It isn’t the most dramatic view, no dazzling ocean or sweeping valley. It isn’t the Lake District or the Rocky Mountains. It is a quiet rural view across the Aegean, from[…]

Why the Greek Crisis Should Not Stop You Going to Greece

The rush of migrants on to the Greek islands is concerning. The devastated communities of Syria, Iraq and Afganistan often have no choice but to flee to the West, and one of the easiest routes is across Turkey, and onwards to the nearest Greek islands.  The scenes of suffering are[…]