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Syros IslandTravel

By May 9, 2016June 21st, 2016One Comment
Quiet Greek Island Holidays - Girl watching the sea

Everyone can picture Santorini, everyone has heard of Mykonos, Paros and Naxos. The larger islands popular with package tourism are equally well known: Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. All of these islands enjoy easy access by plane and sea, millions of tourists visit every year. Cruise ships favour the famous islands, so thousands more pour onto their ports for short walk-about visits.

That, in short, is the problem with fame. An island becomes famous for often obscure reasons; a celebrity connection or black sand or even by accident. Services grow by demand, popularity feeds popularity. The holiday package becomes slick and expensive – and more popular.

And inevitably there is a cost:

  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) Prices rise both on accommodation and food services
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) Beaches become crowded
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) The natural environment loses its pristine quality
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) Cruise ships visit and engorge thousands of visitors to crowd the narrow streets

Yet with 7 thousand islands, how can you select a different holiday island in Greece? It’s so easy just to head for the ones you’ve heard about. The fact is most other Greek islands are also stunningly beautiful and easy to access for holidays as well as being quiet. There is one island in the Cyclades, however, that has everything the famous islands have, but is never crowded. It has the azure seas, vine covered hills and golden sandy beaches of the Greek island you’ve always imagined. It is an island few non-Greeks visit.

Syros – The Perfect, Quiet Greek Holiday Island

Beautiful Hermoupoli of Syros - the best Greek island for quiet holidays

Syros has been a secret to outsiders since the beginning of mass tourism to Greece in the early sixties. A few discerning Athenians have their second homes there, and people who really know Greece have long enjoyed its perfect beaches and fabulous restaurants. Why is Syros the ideal island?

  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) A wide range of beaches, sandy, hidden or well-serviced and popular. And all of them quiet, even in August
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) Syros is a real, functioning island, the administrative centre of the Cyclades. It works all year round and is not tourist dependent.
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) The main town, Ermoupoli is a beautiful, marble Venetian town as sophisticated as any in Europe
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) A vibrant cultural life all summer, music, art, animation and cinema festivals
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) The best restaurants, most reasonably priced and made with fresh ingredients grown on the island
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) Perfect for activity holidays especially sailing, biking and walking
  • bullet-point-wisdom (1) As accessible as any of the popular islands as so much business is conducted there

Greek taverna - Quiet Greek Island Holidays

The island of Syros offers a peaceful escape from the tourist-filled streets of popular islands and promises to impress visitors with its idyllic beauty. It is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the typical Greek island life, but also relax and re-charge their batteries. With today’s hectic lifestyle, a relaxing and quiet holiday is just what we need.

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