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Eco-TourismStories From Our Guests

How Our Family Converted to Clean Eating
(Story from our Guest)

By March 7, 2016May 19th, 2016No Comments

It started with an eco holiday, on a Greek Island in late October last year. London was grey and cold and we were all over eating to compensate. You know what happens when the days grow dark – more hot food, more TV, more flopping on the sofa. We had to do something, or by Spring we’d be completely unfit and over weight.

There was a special offer I picked up on the net, a week on Syros Island on an organic farm villa. I checked the weather, still warm and sunny. It was off-season, and I could get us a really cheap flight. So when my boss told me I had extra days I should take off before Xmas or I’d lose them, we made plans.

The holiday was bliss, our 200 year old stone holiday villa perfect, we swam every day, picked our vegetables from the garden on our farm, loved the fresh olive oil and olives they gave us and managed to cycle all around the beautiful coastline every day. For good health there is absolutely nothing to compare with garden fresh food, sea air, sunshine and exercise to bring you back to life and common sense. And we spent a fraction of the money a Health Retreat would cost in the UK.

We didn’t just have a great time, we also created a pattern of eating we managed to stick to, like this fresh fig, greek yoghurt and honey dessert. Good health gets addictive – here were the key things we do now;

  1. Just eat fresh food – no more pre-prepared or packets
  2. Add pulses like lentils and beans to your diet, honey instead of sugar, in fact we brought a lot of Syros Island beans and honey home, so cheap and fresh
  3. We got used to fresh farm eggs (protein) early in the day and farm bread for lunch
  4. So many fresh almonds and pistachios in Greece, we snacked on them as well as dried figs from our farm
  5. So much exercise, walking, cycling and digging up our lunch, fun when the sun shines and the sea glitters in front of you.

by Esme Robinson, London
October 2015