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Syros Island

Nature lovers – the family friendly nudist* beaches of Syros

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*on Syros, if the beach you are on is empty or remote, it is perfectly acceptable to swim naked. The following beaches have traditionally always been used as nature beaches, so history is on your side.

Nature lovers – the family friendly nudist* beaches of Syros

Armeos Beach, Gallisas

Park your car in Gallisas. On the left hand side of the bay look for a tiny white church at the top of the ridge, Saint Pagou.
Climb the marble steps up to St Pagou, then follow the rocky path downhill to Armeos Beach.(around 15 mins).
This beach has patches of sand and flattish rocks, a few trees and overhanging rocks for shade.

The walk can be ‘scrambly’ and there are no services, so bring water and food.
People are respectful on all the nude beaches on Syros, but Armeos has a history as a family beach for hippies.

Delphini Beach, left hand side 

Either walk here from Kini, along a sandy coastal path, or drive to Delphini beach north of Kini.

There is a coffee shop and toilet cubicle. The beach is partially sandy , but mostly pebbled. The bay is 300 metres wide, the northern section for bathers, the left, southern part for nudists. During strong north winds this is not a good choice for sunbathing. Nor is there any shade on this beach.

Aetos Beach, north of Delphini, south of Vavarossa Beach

This is a difficult beach to walk to, unsigned. Most people sail there or hire a boat to take them (The ‘Perla’ in Kini does this run).

The beach itself is tranquil, remote and unspoiled. A soft sandy beach with beautiful swimming, but take everthing you need for a day out, you are a long way from any services.

Katergaki Beach, a short walk north of Fabrika Beach

The nudist area lies between Fabrika Beach and Katergaki. Take a bus or drive to Fabrika or Vari Beach. There are cafes and restaurants here, lovely west facing bays about 10 kms south of Ermoupoli.

There is a shore line path north of Fabrika which meanders round a slabbed, rocky area leading towards Katergaki Beach. This is an unofficial nudist area of long standing. The flat rocks make good, private sunbathing areas and the swimming is excellent off the rocks.