The view over The Good Life Greece vineyard in Poseidonia Syros, Greece.

Where we are

The Good Life Greece is in Poseidonia, Syros and only a 5-minute walk through olive farms and rural properties to Voulgari beach. We are nestled at the bottom of a ridge on a south-west facing block. We enjoy cool summer mornings as the sun does not hit our property until 11 AM. And from our balconies we savour the last drop of sunlight as it sets directly over the Aegean in front of our property. Our houses were built in the 1800s and orientated to deal perfectly with the meltemi winds. Access to our properties is by a small farm road, for that reason we are hard to find but also harder to leave.

Beautiful crystal clear waters in Poseidonia Syros, Greece.

The special advantages of living in Poseidonia, Syros

Poseidonia is on the south west side of Syros, in a deep protected bay, circled by mountains and shaded from the harsh north winds. The Good Life Greece farmhouses date back over 200 years, some of the earliest domestic buildings in modern Syros. These 18th century farmers knew what they were doing – they chose an area untroubled by harsh weather for their kitchen gardens. Even today, the commercial vegetable farms are all in this region. The State recognized the value of this rural area and declared a protected zone where no intense building can take place.

The Venetians also built gracious summer mansions in Poseidonia. A short stroll from The Good Life Greece is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the wealthy Syriani who lived here for many centuries.