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Syros Island

6 Nature Walks* on Unspoiled Syros Island (and 1 town walk)

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*wonderful in autumn, winter and spring, a hot August day may be challenging

Agios Stephanos – cave and church

1.6 km – takes about 40mins downhill to reach the underground church, so plan on two hours to enjoy the whole experience.
Easy but a little scrambly in places, so good shoes needed. Have a spare coin in your pocket to light a candle in the tiny church under the rock.
Go to Gallisas, follow the signs for Agios Stefano through the village and up the winding hill. At the top there is a road on the left leading down to parking area where you can leave your car and follow the wooden signposts that lead down to the caves. There are usually other walkers around.


Kini to Delphini – a coastal walk

2.9 km- takes about 1 hour 20 minutes there and back
very easy, path mostly sandy or smooth, along the cliff edge
take your swim things for when you reach Delphini,
1 hour 20 mins plus however long you want to swim in Delphini
There is a café at Delphini, and shower

Varvarousa Beach – further up the same coast

2.4 km- about 1 hour one way walking, cliff edge, sandy
Easy walking, fabulous views, start at Delphini Beach and go north
Two hours both ways, and however long to want to swim at Varvarousa
No café or services in Varvarousa

Americana Beach – a clamber down to sea level
4.2 km. taking 1.30 hours clambering downhill, one-way. Spectacular views
Moderately challenging in parts, need good shoes, carry your own drinks and food (swim things?)
Start at Kampos deserted village, at the top of the island, following the signs for San Stefano
Park lower down from the old village, then pick up signs for Americana Beach

Komito – mostly hill walking, wear jeans for prickle bushes
3.9km taking 1.50 hours – easy walking.
Lots of different paths, impossible to get lost, wonderful sea views. Its an exploration!
Drive to Poseidonia, then follow coast read to the last beach, Komito. Park.
Head south on any of the hill paths, once you reach some height, the Viglostas Lighthouse is visible.

Dani to Gallisas – hiking from one sea level area over the hillside to the next bay
2.7km taking 50mins, easy enough walking. Once you get to Gallisas, lots of cafes and tavernas.
Drive to Kini, follow for Dani, then park at the foot of the Dani Hill near the chapel of Agios Ephraim
This is an exploratory walk, if you get lost do not worry, the road that takes you to Gallisas is easy to find and follow.

Ermoupoli – the steps up through Ano Syros to Agios Georgis
Hard to know the distance, but it’s a 40 to 50 minute climb up the marble steps to the Catholic Church. Some fitness needed.
To start  – put Miaouli  Sq to Maison do Meze into Google maps, the route continues up from there.
Take water, take time to catch your breath and enjoy the staggering views over to Mykonos and islands
Early stages of the walk are through the town, but the steps and paths narrow as you wander higher through medieval Ano Syros, looking into windows and back yards of the people who live there. Fascinating architecturally.
Agios Georgos is the first Cathollic Cathedral in Greece.