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Syros IslandTravel

By June 22, 2016June 28th, 2016One Comment
What’s the Best Greek Island for Family Holidays? - Little girl playing on the beach.

What’s not to love? The sea is crystal clear, the water is shallow and safe, the beaches are clean and well managed, the food is healthy and cheap. All that is true and much more if you visit one of the lesser known islands, like Syros, one short boat ride away from Mykonos.

1. Clean, quiet sandy beaches

Take your toddler’s clothes off, find a shady spot and relax. There are no crowds, no dangers in the sand and definitely lots of sunshine. A beach without crowds is perfect when you want to relax and play with your toddler.

2. You can relax while they swim

Lie back and watch the boats come and go, your children can play safely. Children are adored in Greece, the only thing you have to worry about could be too many local people wanting to give them cakes and biscuits. And every Syros beach has a taverna where your children will be spoilt.

3. The water is perfect for teaching your toddler to swim

With shallow warm water, no strong waves and time to spend teaching, your toddler can learn to swim in a week. Most beaches on Syros are shallow and calm all year round.

4. Baby and me time

When you have a new baby, there is often not enough time just to be with him when other children want your attention.

PS If you still want to visit the fashionably crowded beaches of Mykonos, take a day trip out of Syros! Then come home to your own private oasis of calm.