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Why Syros is the Best Greek Island for Couples

By April 20, 2016June 9th, 20162 Comments
Image of beautiful romantic beach on Syros- the best greek island for couples.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your partner, then Syros should definitely be at the top of your list. Greece is well known for its idyllic islands- each with its own unique character- so it can be hard to decide which island to start with. Many couples go to Santorini for their honeymoon, the caldera views make a brilliant photo for the album. But there has been increasing interest in Syros, at the heart of the Cyclades, as a destination for romance. There are many reasons for this. Tranquility, secluded beaches and fabulous restaurants are the key reasons couples rate Syros as the best Greek island for romance.

Why? Because your daily routine looks something like this:

Morning – dreamy island wake-up

The magical view of across the vineyards to a glittering sea on Syros- the best greek island for couples.

Picture this: a quiet traditional stone villa over looking the sea. A morning lazing around, preparing fresh eggs from the nearby chicken pen, with ciabetta rolls delivered to your door by the local baker’s boy on his bicycle. The fig jam was made from the trees shading your patio, and you picked your grapes that morning. Naturally, the sun is shining, the view of across the vineyards to a glittering sea is magical. This natural beauty and tranquil environment make Syros the best Greek island for couples.

Mid morning – best couple time

Beautiful romantic beach on Syros- the best Greek island for couples.

You could wander down to your local beach, but you decide to cycle to a private hidden beach instead. There are dozens of beautiful secluded beaches to choose from. This, after all, is one of the main reasons why Syros is the best Greek island for couples. So you set off, map in hand, and within an hour you are swimming in a tiny bay, hidden from sight shaded by the Tamarinds. You could stay all day, but this is Syros. Food is a major obsession with the locals who grow a great deal of the vegetables used on the tourist islands. Syros is also the administrative heart of the Cycladic and Duodecanese islands –  which means Syriotis live here all year round, running the law courts and management. They demand the highest standard of food, and the local chefs don’t disappoint.

Lunchtime – romantic beachside taverna

Romantic seaside taverna on Syros- the best greek island for couples.

So, a lovely, romantic beachside taverna is in order – no shortage there. You settle into a table at the nearest place and order a crisp white local wine. The afternoon passes in a haze of sunlight, the music of wind and ocean. You order roasted octopus, greek salad, fava and lentils, stuffed squid and you can’t remember much more. It’s the freshest food you have ever tasted and you pay less than you would for a sandwich in any other European destination.

 Afternoon and Evening – pure island romance

Romantic sunset on Syros- the best greek island for couples.

Naturally, you enjoyed the traditional afternoon siesta, but you do wake up in time to mix a cocktail and watch the sun go down. And when it finally disappears, the barbecue is lit and magical things are done with the steak you had delivered from the local butcher. You pick some fresh herbs, tomatoes and greens from the organic vegetable garden and toss them in the fresh olive oil. Now it really is your private time, alone under the stars, stars you can actually see and count. The ultimate, best most romantic way to spend your holiday together.