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What To Do In Syros This Summer

By March 17, 2016July 5th, 2016No Comments
What to do in Syros this summer - Beautiful Ermoupoli, capital of Syros

If you’ve chosen Syros for your next holiday, you may be wondering what to do while you’re there. Not to worry, there are options to please everyone! Syros is a stunning and tranquil Cycladic island with a unique culture. It’s perfect for all ages and groups. Here are 8 ways it will bewitch you this summer.

1. Incredible beaches

What to do in Syros this summer - Beautiful beach on Syros island in Greece

Cycladic islands are famous for crystal blue, clean waters and glorious beaches – Syros is at the heart of the Cyclades. But unlike more popular destinations, you can find private beaches on Syros, remote spots tourists never find. Seriously romantic beaches. Here is a list of the top 10 beaches to visit on Syros.

2. So easy to reach

When you set sail from Piraeus for the islands, the first port of call is Syros, three and a half hours from Athens. From here it’s an easy ride to Santorini, Mykonos, Tinos etc. It’s the perfect place to use as a base for island hopping. Although most people never leave once they settle in –  Syros is like that.

3. The best restaurants in Greece

What to do in Syros. Eat at the best restaurants.

It’s a big call, we know. But when an island hosts the top lawyers and bureaucrats as the administrative capital of the Cycladics and the Duodecanese, then quality chefs are attracted to setting up shop. The new restaurants on Syros are really exceptional and they run all year round. They have access to great produce also as Syros is an agricultural island.

4. Internationally acclaimed festivals

There is the International Festival of the Aegean, Animasyros International Animation Festival + AgoraHermoupolis Guitar FestivalSyros International Film Festival and many more. Most festivals run through the summer and the streets of Ermopouli are alive with musicians, party goers and late night entertainment. Sophisticated Syros at her best!

5. A thriving town –  Ermoupoli

What to do in Syros this summer. Visit Ermoupoli.

Syros, with a permanent population of 22,000 people has two Universities, the Aegean Arts and the Aegean Product and Engineering Design. With a huge student population, the waterfront bars and café’s, nightclubs and arts organisations have flourished. Being the administrative centre of the islands it has also continued to grow, so although Syros is not a tourist island, it has a real expanding community all year round. The town itself has all the shops, amenities and entertainment you would expect of a European town, all in a Venetian marble built setting that is so pleasant to live in.

6. The original greek ‘rebetiko’

The unique sound of greek music is Rebetiko, a distinctive greek blues that is getting harder to find in recent times. Not so in Syros, the home of one of Greece’s leading exponents, Markos Vamvakaris. His original home in Ano Syros is now a museum to his music and all summer you will hear live rebetiko from the open air bars and café’s on Ano Syros.

7. Exquisite architecture

What to do in Syros. Town Hall.

Syros’ history goes back to ancient times, but the magnificent public town buildings show that there was a Greek Renaissance on the island. The pale pink marble neo-classical buildings and elegant town squares complement the picturesque narrow streets and breathtaking views as you climb up through the town to the medieval white washed cottages of Ano Syros.

8. Amazing diversity

Syros is the only place in the world where Catholics and Orthodox celebrate Easter on the same day. That is because since Venetian times, Catholics are half of the population. As you arrive in the port, there are two hills facing you, both topped by magnificent Churches, the Greek Orthodox on the right and the Catholic on the left, living together harmoniously.

On the south west side of the island, at Poseidonia, 18th century villas with magnificent gardens dot the hillside. There are other intriguing signs of Syros’ past as the industrial and trade centre of the Cyclades.