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Syros Events & Calendar 2016

Panhellenic Archery Games 2016

The Panhellenic Archery Games will take place on May 13-15 at the Municipal Stadium of Ano Syros. The geographical position of the stadium is such- protected from the winds, while providing security to athletes and spectators- that makes it ideal for the specific event. Numerous archery clubs from all over Greece will be involved, offering a spectacular sight.

1st TRIMORE Syros Triathlon 2016

TRIMORE Syros Triathlon is one of the biggest events that will take place on Syros island this June.If you are a sports enthusiast, or are simply traveling to Syros in June, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in the 1st TRIMORE Syros Triathlon. This three-day sporting event will take place on June 10-12, and is expected to offer an amazing experience to both participants and spectators. 

People of all ages will compete on a 750m swim race, a 20km bike race, and a 5km run race inside the city of Ermoupolis. A kid’s triathlon, a 5km city run race for all, the revival of an Olympic sea sport (obstacle swimming), as well as various other non-sporting events promise to create a memorable experience for everyone.

12th International Festival of the Aegean

The International Festival of the Aegean is one of the biggest events that will take place on Syros island this July.The International Festival of the Aegean, which is held annually on the island of Syros, is now entering its 12th season. This year it will be taking place from the 10th to the 23rd of July. The event attracts world-class musicians, actors, and dancers, thus making Syros a perfect summer holiday destination for all art lovers.


23rd Hermoupolis Guitar Festival

Hermoupolis Guitar Festival is one of the biggest events that will take place on Syros island this July.Hermoupolis Guitar Festival was founded in 1994, and is considered to be one of the top guitar festivals in Greece. It will take place on July 25-29, in Hermoupoli, the capital of Syros. The event brings leading performers to the island of Syros every year, to inspire and showcase their talent. It also gives children, young people, and adults the opportunity to participate in workshops, competitions, and music ensembles. Don’t miss the chance to join this open guitaristic event this summer in Syros.

Syros International Film Festival 2016

Syros International Film Festival will take place on Syros island this summer.The 4rth annual Syros International Film Festival (SIFF) is going to be held from July 28 to August 1 on Syros island. The Festival, that first started in 2013, showcases both Greek and international independent films through workshops, thematic screenings, competition sections, talks, and parallel exhibitions. If you are a film lover, Syros is without doubt a great holiday destination this summer.

The Rembetika Festival

Syros Rembetiko Festival Dalaras

This five-day event is dedicated to the “patriarch” of the genre, Vamvakaris – known lovingly by his fans as Markos – who was born in 1905 on Syros. Markos is credited with popularising Rembetiko, the blues music of Greece.

The festival highlights Vamvakaris’ contribution through documentaries, concerts, exhibitions, book presentations, lectures and children’s events. Workshops, meanwhile, will focus on bouzouki playing practices and techniques. 

A major highlight of the festival is the concert on September 4 by internationally-acclaimed performer George Dalaras(photo) titled the “Rebetiko Unplugged” at Miaouli Square in the centre of Ermoupoli. It is free.

2nd Syros City Trail

syros-events-syros-city-trailSyros City Trail proved to be an important athletic event attracting hundreds of professional and amateur runners to Hermoupoli, the capital of Syros. After the event's success in 2015, the 2nd Syros City Trail is set for September 3 this year. All races (4km, 10km) will start at Miaouli square at 17:30. The event aims at promoting the historical heritage of Hermoupolis via major attractions along the running routes.

30th World Underwater Spearfishing Championship

The 30th World Spearfishing Championship will take place on Syros island this September.After many years, the World Spearfishing Championship returns to the Mediterranean sea. It will be held from September 15 to September 19. Visit the official website for more information on how to participate.

Calendar 2016

bullet-point-wisdom (1)Theophany (January 6) - Celebration of the Baptism of Christ. By tradition, a priest throws a large crucifix into the water and young men compete to retrieve it.

bullet-point-wisdom (1)Carnival (February 21 for 2 weeks) - Dancing and wild costumes to banish the devils of winter

bullet-point-wisdom (1)ANIMA SYROS (March 9-10) - International Animation Festival + Agora
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Clean Monday (March 14) - The first day of the Great Lent in Eastern Orthodox Churches. Fish eating only and kite flying.

bullet-point-wisdom (1)Easter (May 1) - Orthodox and Catholic shared, big celebration, roast whole lamb on the streets, midnight mass.
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Panhellenic Archery Games (May 13-15)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)3rd International Cycladological Conference (May 25-29) - “The Cyclades through time: Space and People”

bullet-point-wisdom (1)1st TRIMORE Syros Triathlon (June 10-12)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)
Festival of St. Peter in Kini (Orthodox) (June 29)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Galissas (Catholic) (June 30)

bullet-point-wisdom (1)12th International Festival of the Aegean (July 10-24)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of St. Benedict in St. Michael (Catholic) (July 12)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Agia Marina in Kini (Catholic) (July 18)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Virgin Mary of Mount Karmilou in Galissas (Catholic) (July 18)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Prophet Elijah in the Episcopeio (Orthodox) (July 20)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)23rd Hermoupolis Guitar Festival (July 25-29)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Agia Paraskevi in Alithini (Orthodox) (July 26)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Panteleimonas Finikas (July 27)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of Saint Panteleimon in Papouri (Catholic) (July 27)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)4th Annual Syros International Film Festival SIFF (July 28 - August 1)

bullet-point-wisdom (1)International Classical Music Festival of Cyclades (August 15-16)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festival of the Virgin Mary (August 15) - Celebrated in grand style, on every waterfront, free boat rides, free fish soup and lots of partying.
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Festivals in Poseidonia, Kini, Danako, Chroussa, Galissas and Syros all during August.

bullet-point-wisdom (1)2nd Syros City Trail 2016 (September 3)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Rembekita Music Festival featuring George Dalaras (September 4)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Nativity of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary of Candles) in Parakopi (Catholic) (September 6)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Nativity of the Theotokos in Chroussa and Pagos (Catholic), Virgin Mary Lwtiani and Virgin Mary Bouliani in Kini (September 8)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Holy Cross in Parakopi, Alithini and Talanta (Catholic) (September 14)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)30th World Underwater Spearfishing Championship (September 15-19)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Panagia Phaneromeni in Chroussa (Catholic) (September 24)

bullet-point-wisdom (1)Saints Cosma & Damianou (AG. Anargyroi) at Ano Meria (Catholic) (October 1)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)Saint Michali in Epano Meria (Catholic) (October 4)
bullet-point-wisdom (1)St. Theresia in Danako (Catholic) (October 8)