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By May 18, 2016June 29th, 2016One Comment
Best holidays for kids in Greece

Sea, sun, fun and food make happy family vacations

Greece is the perfect holiday destination for families with kids. Delicious fresh food, the crystal clear sea, and famous Greek hospitality are just a few reasons why Greece is great for kids. 

1. Children love Greek food

Child eating Greek salad at a Greek restaurant. Greece holidays for kids.

Think of a rich Pastitsio smothered in cheese sauce, crisp chips with a freshly made tomato dipping sauce, barbecued, smoky meat on skewers, Greek salads straight from the garden. Even the pickiest child, when sitting at a table laden with different tasting plates, will eat their fill. Children who hated vegetables often eat them easily in a Greek taverna. The flavours are unlike any vegetables they may have tasted. 

2. Children love Greek legends

Family sightseeing in Athens, Greece. Greece holidays for kids

By grade three most children know their Greek myths.  Start your holiday in Athens and visit the Acropolis Museum to catch up on your myths. Then head over to the Acropolis to see where the ancient Athenians gathered. An easy day trip to Mycenae shows you the site where Odysseus set off to rescue Helen of Troy. If you have time, continue on to Delphi. Legend has it that this is where the infant Apollo shot the arrow that marked the centre of the universe. You’ll also find the Temple of Apollo and home to the Oracle there.

3. Safe, clean swimming on the islands

4 Reasons Why Greece is the Best Holiday for Kids. Child jumping in to the sea on Syros island in Greece.

Shallow, clear water and sandy beaches are perfect for children’s swimming lessons. We recommend quiet beaches on smaller islands rather than the busy tourist spots. Prices are cheaper for food and accommodation and smaller islands are easier to get around. The first Cycladic island you reach from Pireaus is Syros. Syros is known for peaceful, sandy beaches and wind-free bays with perfect swimming. It also has sailing courses for children. The Good Life Greece is an eco-farm by the sea with vegetables straight from the garden. Your children will be in heaven collecting the farm eggs and picking salads for lunch.

4. Greek people love children

4 Reasons Why Greece is the Best Holiday for Kids. Greek people swimming with children.

Having children with you is your passport to excellent service, warmth and affection from everyone you meet. Greek people love children and treat all children as their own. You will be pushed to the front of the queue in banks and ticket offices, and your waiter will serve you first. Every Yiayia (grandmother) will want to give your children biscuits and fruit. If you feel the need to tell your child off, watch out. A Yiayia will appear from nowhere to defend your child!